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The Evening Starts

There’s all kinds of arrangements
In this world
Something for everyone
But nothing for me

Is it something you wanted
This time of waiting
You waited for me
Only to find
Someone always waiting

I am waiting waiting
For all the little nothings
Coming my way
Blowing down the boulevard
As I stay

But I see you there
It’s not that I don’t know
I do and it’s easy
Riding the horse of your dreams
As the evening starts
To meet the night

Like A Dot

The grand jury took me by surprise
I wasn’t expecting
The towering minds
Who created this segment of the story

So now I calculate my response
How do I negate the ominous grandeur
Oh I didn’t mean to please you
Didn’t mean to tear you down

It was just that I couldn’t move
Suspended in time like a dot
A speck of blur you thought you saw

But my dreaming came alive
In the corner of your eye
You saw the tremble I gave you
It shook the ground where you stood

And now oh you scream oh
As I shrink to a distant memory
And trespass the borders
Of the language you thought you spoke

Altar Of Chance

You were nodding your head
As if you knew all the answers
They slipped away talking
You disappeared with a shiver

Then the vehicles approached
And the people pushing wheels
The city sounds became overwhelming
There must be a way out of here

But I don’t want to be afraid
Of the movement of innocent characters
Oh where does all this end
Is there a place to die

Oh king of cardinal virtues
Spell me out the word to speak
I’m talking to the moon at noon
I’m hearing things that don’t exist

Come on and lead me falling down
To worship at the altar of chance
Bestow me the glory of cut rocks
Laying at my feet as I pass by

Flying Past Mountains

The taste was sour in my mouth
As I dreamed up another consequence
Conniving in the current of the river
My shirt of steel rebounding all the knives
I threw at myself unknowing

The quality of a late summer’s day
In a country I didn’t know
In a chair flying past mountains
Clouds cushioned and cradled my passing

All the images stored in the ceiling
Was I outside or inside
And did it matter

The chronicles of a cavalier
Who knew no way to retreat
Who could not should not change
Just to be more interesting
To a crowd collected by the way
Of sidewalks marching never stop

There’s always a stream of being
As I gaze upon the bejeweled object
Of a fanciful and courageous hour

Outside Of Me

Far from the safety of self
He hurtled past all living beings
To the land of the dead
Where he felt most happy

Why do you live
No, I really don’t live
I die slowly

And it’s only that I see it
That makes me know
That to live is to die
What doesn’t live cannot die
I wonder if the side of the building
Knows that

But what does it matter
These ruminations
These worthless observations
This thinking business

Better be outside of me
One of the reflections of a thought
One of the things I think about
Better not be me

Can I be you oh speck of earth
Can I be a mirage I think I see

Dance The Trance

The insect crawls and doesn’t fly
It’s found an interest to explore
Excited by some spurious concoction
Be gone silly obsession

Find you the darkness and the cold
Can’t you know me and beware
I only notice not to enjoin
I won’t be with you in the end

I’ll only be a thought you once had
And given how great you deemed me
It wasn’t worth the struggle
And the frustrations catching trains
Trying to go somewhere

The white chalk buildings by the sea
The green glass I wish I didn’t see
All became a misery untold
Because I refrained to utter a word
In the defense of a painted sky

You took all the paintings away
Thank you for that
They didn’t really move the way I did
As I dance the trance of death

It looks like living but it’s not

Reluctant Aversion

The beginning that never started
The end that always is
How can I explain to you
I can’t I can’t

I’m sorrowful and sedate
At my inability to communicate
The waking dream we all realize
Someday someway

Clobbered by the calm I feel right now
And the repetition of challenge
I quit I quit take away my time

I never really had time
Time had me you see
And pushed me here and there
I a reluctant aversion
Why should I be myself

As if I could know who I was
Sure I’m swept by the waves
Of a chaotic ocean

Time you took me transplanted me
Transformed me transported me
I never stood my ground
I was always undefined

Shadows Of The Stars

And now the day is done
All things led to this graveyard
Cemetery of forbidden souls
Forbidden to cry out
Forbidden to participate

Really my friend you’re background
You are the scenery for action taking place
You’re not there you don’t exist

Ok there’s a body you took
And made it look alive
The great charade personified
The stream of souls you represent

What’s out there mister
But a fortunate crescendo of power
You dodge and disappear
You quake and enter chasms
Screaming for an answer
That you know you’ll never get

Dreaming of quiet times
And the shadows of the stars
And the day you hardly remember
And the night you’ll never forget

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