(CORWOOD 0748)

Tell Me When

I don’t know what it was and
I just forgot it
It was really symbolic
I guess I left it
In a dresser
With a hat and
Two ties
It’s all right
It’s just what I did
I’ll do it again
Just tell me when

Left the Beach Last Sunday

I left the beach on last Sunday
I came a long way
From South Carolina to Ohi-a
Wasn’t fussy about the way I came
To me it was all the same
I left the beach on last Sunday

Bells and Voices

The bells sound early in the morning
They sound late in the night
When the skin comes tight to your bone
There’s no stopping the bells
You say the people are only for asking if you want to go here or there
Hey would you come along
And then they either come or don’t
And that’s what you do you either come or go
That’s what I do I either come or go
Come along
I left a long time ago and I guess you didn’t notice
You’re either catching up
Or you don’t know what you’re doing


Don’t you know that I love you
Stop making me sad
You’re the meanest little woman
That I ever had
Please say that you love me
Stop making me blue
You’re the cutest little woman
That I ever knew
Well by golly she loves me
She’s making me smile
A little wine will do her
All the live long while
I’m taking it to you
In a foreign way
You bring me the sunshine
Oh my darlin’ Faye

Wrong Time

It’s not the right time
Something’s wrong but
I’m gonna do it anyway
You can put your bloody mind in a paper bag and eat it for lunch
What is God
What are you doing here or there
I am a fool
Forgive me
If the door is open
I should be back soon

Voices in the Dark

There’s voices here in the dark
I have to beat them before it gets dark
I hear them now it’s true
They’re coming even out of you
I just have to pretend that they’re not there
If I’m ever gonna go anywhere
I even know they’re there
I don’t care ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha…
I can’t say I never heard them before

Green Dreams

Green dreams in the springtime
April dreams that bloom in May
Green dream’s better than grey
Come all the colors that bloom in May
The earth wakes up
But you’re not here
Gone driving on home
Green dreams
You’re not here

Blind Cat

They come around
Take your thing
And put it in another place
I smile and say it’s OK
I didn’t care anyway
I listen for a while
They’re no good
They were just stupid
Couldn’t show a blind cat not even one thing
But we can have some words
I’ll hear your story
It’s not so bad

Georgia East

I shouldn’t feel so sad
It was all I had
I should be glad
Coming into Atlanta
Big wheels turning
Talk about the fruit
Georgia peaches
Pecans shaking from the trees
You sure are strange to a city boy from up north

May 3

If you want a friend in South Carolina look up Charleston
Wish I never had to leave Charleston
May 3rd
We go back very much the same as how we came
Goodbye palm trees
Brown water seas
Goodbye pretty town
Three hundred years old


Oh Texaco and seven south
Montague avenue
Red and green and yellow
Two thousand Dorchester
All those white lines
And bumping time
Keep off the median
There’s an air force base
And a whole human race
Moving ‘til tomorrow

This is a Death Dream

This is a death dream
In the daytime
I go to the cemetery buildings
In search of books
Never do I find the right one
I just browse through death books
But it seems the ones I want are out
In the night time I go with friends to the cemetery
And the entire time concerns
Carousings and adventures within the cemetery
But all the others are insincere and even silly
Some figures predominate and I compromise my
Especial meeting to go with them
I always attempt to get some of these friends to go with me
But they are afraid
It seems I do not want to go alone
And leave each successive night with hopes for
Tomorrow’s daytime excursion to the cemetery
Last time I was particularly upset and
Despaired that the right books will never be there
Because the people will not bring them back and
My reliance is weak
I should find a way to acquire that which I want
Of special interest in the dream is the night time attraction
Of particular growing things
Which previously were cultivated and watched in horror with another
In the night wanderings I attempt to get back to these to encounter horror
But the others are afraid or silly
And one or two are not
But show me replicas which are not the same
This I know and am disappointed
Earlier for interest at a wine party
Weird death monsters approached and I admitted them
As they filed past into my house
Not the bedroom where others were
They danced in the living room
Extremely macabre and death-like moves
Others saw them and sometime later expressed horror as they left
Or escaped

You Didn’t Lie

You didn’t lie
You only told the truth
I got some place that was very hard to get out of
Didn’t get too close
Wouldn’t get too close

Oh Jenny

Oh Jenny
Didn’t mean to do you so bad
Oh Jenny
I’ll give you everything I have
Oh Jenny
Didn’t mean to do you so bad
Oh Jenny
Didn’t mean to do you so bad
Oh Jenny
Give you everything I have
Oh Jenny
Didn’t mean to do you so bad
Oh Jenny

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