(CORWOOD 0820)

Part One

The elementary fact, my dear
Is that well, absolutely we must
Great, I’m happy about that
But, really charming and all
Making the rounds we agree
The benefits are, well…
Just take your chances

He said nothing
The finer the squalor
Looking in all the best places
It’s just that…everything

The great lights color the floor
Shoes laid out the crowd
I can tell you this
But let’s think it over

You see the general terms
Basking in the gentle hues
To make things clear
He said nothing

Now if you look this way
You see, ah, but you don’t
It’s three times the effect
Isn’t it what you knew before

Part Two

To be to the point you see
We were going to the garden
Wait a minute let’s not
Pass up any opportunities

The grand elocution
Enter the favorite spectacle
All eyes must agree
I just want to say that

He said nothing
Enthralled by demeanor
Ravished by the movement of hands
Encircled by the air
Flashing and slashing

In dominance subdued
It’s just that…all right
I meant to say all is good
You properly respond and then
It’s still a question

He said nothing
How can they blindly agree
And even praise the truth
In light of what I know

Well then here’s my request
Something to pass the time
It’s so early in the day

Part Three

We may as well understand
Listen to my argument…you see
A little bit of life
Shimmering sapphire glinting
The array of jewels…your eyes

Tell me I’m not mistaken
By the holocaust of vision
The break up of a sentence
It’s only that…I mean
It’s all so obvious

Come over here right now
Drop all your preoccupation
Deliver me your time…wait I
I waited longer than I could

The change of all was instantaneous
The words flew like flocks of birds
A formation of indigent parts
The leader of the group

Oh, never mind those ideas
What is really true my dear
You can’t escape yourself

You walk like a cat after prey
You fly like a hundred birds
You expend energy like the fearfully hunted

She knew he said everything
Unfortunately I knew
He said nothing

Part Four

The cacophony of gestures
Flew about like secret symbols
Or martial arts chopping phrases
Into bits of a conundrum

We came away dim witted
What happened was like anything
How can I explain

You know when the ocean waves crash the shore
When the high back chairs make you feel regal
When the sidewalk is splintered into segments
And you walk the flat spaces of the puzzle

Well welcome to the witness program
Here’s my dilemma
You see, I need that you bring me something
A little box of surprises
Don’t be so mundane as to think…

They all looked so interested to hear him
What was wrong with them
He said nothing…nothing!

All bracketed in the allure of personality
She sat by him as proof
The perfect proof of acceptance

She could have been anywhere
She had all the lovely characteristics
He just had to shake his head
And look sideways off in the distance

Part Five

He couldn’t let you go so easily
There was too much at stake
Obviously time had escaped
The only reality was the movement
Of these persons through our mind

We didn’t have any place else to be
We waited for the turning of events
And reacted as if they didn’t happen
Some sounds…some voices

Was it just another afternoon
No…because he was pontificating
Casually saying nothing

But everyone thought it was so marvelous
Except me I was thinking of her
And he was so distracting

Imbued with his blustery bellow
And his promenade of gestures
Like a floating benevolent cloud
That captures your imagination
When you’ve nothing to do

But I was alive in my calculation of this
I envisioned the parts intertwine
I simply must observe and do nothing else

To interrupt this madness would be catastrophic
I must wait for a better time
My instinct told me that

Part Six

Was it weeks or months or forgive me
It couldn’t have been years
Certainly it couldn’t have been hours

But the flipping of his hands
The truncated stream of words
I must ask you…could you tell me

Don’t worry it’s not what you think it is
She couldn’t think there was any shape to his spirit
What was the motivation
They weren’t all just being nice

Perhaps they needed something…anything
To drop their jaws and hang their thoughts upon
He said nothing…

It couldn’t be just personality
But there it was
The spectacle of stolen time
I suppose…what else…

Moping and groping through the day
With nothing but morbid remembrances
Here was a personality
Something to consider

He put forth words like conflagrations of enigma
But of course they were held in awe
They were children at the circus

He entertained in the social rooms
She was at his side
And all I could do
Was structure the events into mathematical categories

Part Seven

I must tell you that
Even if you took all the time that was needed
I’m going to explain to you
All that happens when I show you these things
Listen with all integrity

The afternoon was getting warmer
I started to sweat
It would be inconvenient to remove my jacket
I didn’t want to change anything
Just noticing something outside the circle
The circle of people going through my mind

You simply must understand
Let’s begin where it all started
All is agreed I will repeat
The convictions pierced fleshly barriers of sound

He said nothing
And they acted like he was saving the world
She at his side
I was caught in this scheme of things
Wasn’t I the same as them

I only saw the general picture
They lost themselves…I saw myself
But was I not lost to my own mental involvement
How many months of sleeping and waking
How many years of wonder and wander

But I tell you now…I must tell you
Please let me explain…it’s just that
I want you to know…while it’s on my mind

Part Eight

I suppose there will be an end to this
How can we dance forever
It’s beyond consideration of meaning
We must call it an experience

Colors and sounds and movements
Some personality trying to explain
I noticed all the small things
Facial expressions…garments…trinkets
The depth of meaning measured inches

How could the superficial penetrate eons
I wasn’t really unhappy…I wasn’t anything
It was just a skirmish in the hall
Just a shoulder brushing by
Just a red bird in the wilderness

A little boat bobbing in the bay
Pathways through the tall buildings
Her smile shining like sun off polished metal
Wild flowers in the mountain meadow

The room where joining voices rose to an incoherent din
The magic of mental associations skipping across as you stare
Not seeing…not looking…and then intent!
Uplifted…no…aghast at the scene

She sits by him…they are all hypnotic
My heart is shaken by this witness
He said nothing

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